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The new Citroen Dispatch


The design of New Citroën Dispatch is inspired by the world of passenger cars and SUVs. Its styling is fluid and practical, with load volumes that express confidence and robustness. Its character? – is energetic and reassuring. The front end features a short, horizontal bonnet sitting above large headlamps placed high up, giving you great visibility and a commanding position of the road.


The New Dispatch range has vans to suit all trades

  • Available in three lengths, including a brand-new Compact version at just 4.60 m long
  • With an overall height of just 1.90 m, it will have no trouble slipping into urban car parks
  • Payloads up to 1400 KG
  • Two wheelbases (2.92 m and 3.27 m)
  • Two rear overhangs (0.80 m and 1.15 m)

The new generation Citroën Dispatch features an architecture optimised to offer more practicality, comfort and safety. It boasts the latest in driver assistance and engine technologies, making it the ideal partner for "Everyday Heroes". New Dispatch is available in three lengths and with hands-free sliding side doors as an option.


Greater modularity for increased productivity

  • Load capacity up to 6.6 m3 
  • Able to tow up to 2.5 tonnes
  • Innovative hands-free sliding door (1), making it remarkably easy to load and unload goods.
  • Head-Up Display (1) and countless driver assistance features (1).
  • Park Assist 180° - 7" Touchscreen with a 180° overhead view from the reversing camera
  • Grip Control
  • Citroën Connect Nav - New generation of voice-controlled connected 3D navigation functions (1), plus real-time traffic information from TomTom Traffic (2)


Everything needed for your safety

  • Active Cruise Control -  adapts the van's speed to the speed of the vehicle in front of it
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System 
  • Brand New Road Sign Reader - operates with a camera fitted at the top of the windscreen
  • Active Safetly Brake


Next-generation platform - delivering greater efficiency

  • BlueHDi engines ranging from 95 to 180 hp and delivering 400Nm(1)
  • New EAT6 automatic gearbox.
  • Highly pleasurable driving experience combined with the lowest consumption and emissions in the segment.
  • Competitive operating cost thanks to a maintenance interval of 30,000 miles or 2 years.



BlueHDi 95 BVM (70 kW - 210 Nm at 1750 rpm): 5.5l/100 km and 144 g/km of CO2
BlueHDi 95 S&S ETG6 (70 kW - 240 Nm at 1750 rpm): 5.2l/100 km and 135 g/km of CO2
BlueHDi 115 S&S BVM6 (85 kW - 300 Nm at 1750 rpm): 5.1l/100 km and 133 g/km de CO2



BlueHDi 120 BVM6 (90 kW - 340 Nm at 2000 rpm): 5.5l/100 km and 144 g/km of CO2
BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM6 (90 kW - 340 Nm at 2000 rpm): 5.3l/100 km and 139 g/km of CO2
BlueHDi 150 S&S BVM6 (110 kW - 370 Nm at 2000 rpm): 5.3l/100 km and 139g/km of CO2
BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6 (130 kW - 400 Nm at 2000 rpm): 5.8l/100 km and 151 g/km of CO2